High-heeled blonde MILF Luna Toxxxic roughly fucked on the backseat

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When I picked up leather-clad Luna Toxxxic on her way to work as a dominatrix, I had to ask if she could give me a sample! When I offered to trade her a free ride for a free spanking, she soon had me trussed up in the back of the cab like a Christmas turkey! I started to bottle it, but Luna wasn’t letting me out that easily, giving my arse a good paddling. She got me nervous when she started running that paddle near my cock, and then she gave my nuts a squeeze! After that, it was my turn to play with her pussy. When I got her where I wanted her, I decided to turn the tables, spanking her arse and fingering her pussy until she called me “Master”! It turns out this domme enjoyed it when I took control, and rode my cock till she squirted. I had one of the biggest loads ever, so I guess you’ll have to call me a switch!


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