Stunning teen Izzy Lush penetrated good in the doggy style pose

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Izzy Lush and her stepbrother used to play hide and seek all the time when they were younger, but as they got older, they tweaked the rules to be a bit more fun. Now the game is always on, and instead of finding a sibling hiding, they have to find their sibling naked. Lucky for her stepbro, Izzy never locks the door when she takes a shower, so the game is easy! He walks in on her and gets his cock sucked right away. But she is not so pleased when he unexpectedly busts a nut in her mouth! Later, Izzys stepbro is playing video games, but Izzy is bored. She suggest playing Simon says. It quickly devolves into Izzy having Simon tell her stepbro to fuck her tight pussy. Well, if Simon says, it must be done! A couple days later, they play a special kind of tag. Izzys stepbro tags her by slipping his cock inside, and soon they are boning hard in the kitchen. Fun and games have never looked like this!


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