Hardcore interracial bang in the bedroom with an innocent Chanel Grey

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Chanel Grey and her man are getting a hankering to smoke some good green and purple ganja, but when they check the stash spot, they see they are all out of nug. Chanel is no slouch in the streets, and she has a solution. She is going to go hit up the plug herself. She shows up at the dealers house and is immediately enraptured by his tall and dark figure. He shows her inside to his bedroom, and instead of inspecting nugs, she ends up getting a closer look at his nuts. He offers her a head high by kissing her all the way down to her cooter, and then turns her over to put his big black bong in from behind. Then she smokes his pole and takes a big drag of black dick goo. But when she gets back to her man, he notices there is cum all over her dress. Do not forget the details next time, Chanel!


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