Gorgeous big-boobed brunette Luna Bright penetrated in the missionary pose

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Luna Bright is a real handful. Her dad has one of his employees babysit her for the day, but she does not plan on being a docile girl for him. She wants to get into some mischief, so when he takes a nap, she sneaks into his room and finds his tent firmly pitched. She reaches out to grab his cock, but he does not want any part of her advance. Luna is slick, though. She tells him if he does not entertain her, he will tell her dad that she was touched inappropriately. They play a little hide and seek, but that is not enough fun for Luna. She pulls out his fat rod and slides it into her disobedient pussy for some punishment. This tiny chick sucks and slobbers and then takes a big dick down on the bed. Finally, he cums all over her braces, and Luna is finally satisfied. Do you think Luna is a bad apple or just a hot and horny teen? Let us know in the comments!


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