Oiled hottie Quinn Wilde fucked good in the doggy style pose

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Quinn Wilde greets her next client, Zachary Wild, a man in his early 20s dressed in contemporary preppy fashion. He greets her enthusiastically and asks if this parlor offers NURU massages. Quinn says yes, they actually just added it recently, explaining that it’s become quite popular in recent months. Zachary explains that he’s a blogger for a lifestyle site called AdultTime that’s all about activities, trends and fads geared towards adults. He’s heard similar buzz about the growing popularity of NURU massages but there aren’t many articles on it and the ones that are out there are pretty vague, and so he wanted to write an article on his first experience with it. Quinn is excited to be part of an article for such a popular site, and eagerly promises that she’ll give him a NURU massage he’ll never forget!


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